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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Remember that Relinquishing Resistance Can Be a Long Term Process

Tip 48 Remember that relinquishing resistance can be a long-term process. 

“It takes a decade to understand the basic nature of spiritual principles, another decade while the ego tries to eat you alive, another decade while it tries to wrestle you to the ground, and finally you begin to walk more or less into the light. Anyone who thinks a spiritual path is an easy one probably hasn’t been walking it.” -Marianne Williamson, Author The Age of Miracles.

There is a natural maturing process that happens too – I am now at the age of 53 doing things and being in the world in ways that I dreamed of years ago and at last feel ready enough to be able to do them.

It does take time for us to mature, release our fears and build confidence and build mastery. It’s not that resistance automatically drops away as we get older. You could be 90 and still be in massive resistance. But as you spend years chipping away at your issues, healing your mind, letting go of old patterns you find a greater inner freedom. Sometimes to me, dealing with resistance feels like the equivalent of drilling through granite: it’s making an impact, but the impact is hardly perceptible.

Freedom project: Cut yourself some slack when you are being impatient with yourself. You are like a fine wine taking time to mature.

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