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Friday, March 15, 2013

Potpourri of Most Benevolent Outcomes March 2013

If you’ve been reading my blog posts for some time, aren’t you amazed at the many Most Benevolent Outcome (MBO) and Benevolent Prayer (BP) requests people think of to say? I know I am. Almost every week I say to myself, Why didn’t I think of that, or That’s a really great request.

There are literally thousands of MBO and BP requests you can make, as you simply tailor them to your individual life situations. A MBO request is specifically for you, and you say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for ….., thank you!” A Benevolent Prayer is what you say when you wish something benevolent for another person or being. In my second book, I was “inspired” to simplify the Benevolent Prayers to say, “I ask any and all being to ……, thank you!” In one of my “active” meditations I asked why you say “request” for MBO’s and “ask” for BP’s as they seem to be the same. My Guardian Angel Theo said, “Read a dictionary.” They are different. Now for some great inspiring stories I’ve received in the last month.


Janet writes: Hi Tom, here is a very interesting MBO request that keeps on working! Inspired by the several reports from people about making an MBO for money lately, I decided to try it. I guess my angels were hoping I'd ask them for this! The very next day someone I know offered to pay me $50 to help her sort out her various jumbled papers and books, and that did happen. I thought this was the answer to my request, but now there's been a small string of money coming my way. My daughter has sent a small cheque to pay back part of the money I'd lent her a while ago. I didn't expect to get it back, and hadn't even thought about asking for it. I suddenly acquired a client for some EFT counseling, and she is returning, which is bringing more money to me.  When I went to the Credit Union today, the teller suggested I transfer my savings account money into a 90 day account that pays 3% interest, which is roughly double the interest rate from the regular account, and will consult with me before it becomes due in case the 90 day special will be repeated and I can take advantage of it again.On my way home, I met the owner of the little coffee shop I like to drop into - and talked to her about the possibility of selling some of my pottery in her shop. She was encouraging, and she only takes 25% of sales!

I wonder what other unexpected money events are lined up for me! Thank you dear Tom, this is all thanks to you and your work with the angels!


Jodi writes: I said an MBO for a sign that my MBO’s were being heard, and I was awakened by an Angel saying, “Your prayers have been sent.”

I didn't see the angel but I did hear him and that was good enough for me. This left me so excited and renewed my faith; I was on cloud 9 all week. Another MBO I wrote in my notebook on my cell phone was for my own unique abilities and creativity to be awakened, as I am a Psychic/Medium and Reiki Teacher. The Angels delivered 2 new healing modalities and a new way to teach Reiki. Thank you Tom and My Guardian Angels. I love MBO's.


Stephanie in South Africa writes: I am writing from South Africa where we have an alarmingly high crime rate. We recently had a break-in and my computer, with all my work on as well as my flash drive with my back-ups, among other things, were stolen. It was just too awful to even consider starting all over with my work so I immediately started asking for an MBO for the safe return of my computer and just focused on it returning to me with absolute faith. I know you said one MBO is enough but I just kept on asking.

Well, my neighbor happened to see their car and wrote down the registration number, which led to their arrest within an hour, but at the time the police said nothing was found on them. However, two days later, we were asked to come and identify goods as they have managed to recover some things from a house. And there was my computer - absolutely fine whereas most of our other stolen goods were quite damaged, and cameras and other things were still missing. Now you have to consider this: in South Africa the police hardly ever get to arrest any of these opportunistic burglars, let alone recover anything! So this is nothing less than a miracle and I could not thank my angel(s) enough. In fact, I was so touched by this, I was actually quite emotional for a day.


Chrissy in Brisbane writes: At last I have an MBO for your next newsletter. Where I live in the far northern suburbs of Brisbane and between the built up suburbs are patches of country/scrub/bush that have not been built on and are still raw country - basically, they are lower areas leading down to one of the rivers covered in scrub [bushes] and trees. This morning, I was on my way to a shopping centre and was taking the back roads to get to the highway. As I approached the T-junction, I could see a kangaroo hopping along the road in front of me on the other side of the road at the T-junction. Very thrilling, except that some people tend to use that road as a race track.

As I came to a stop at the junction, I said an MBO out load to please protect the kangaroo and allow it to get home safely. It was a magnificent animal and such a gorgeous creature, but at the same time, if it was struck by a car, it could also do a lot of damage - as well as lose its life. When I got to the stop sign, I could see a car coming along from my left - almost as soon as I finished saying my MBO. I noticed that the kangaroo had stopped jumping and was sitting on the side of the road looking at this car. The car slowed right down and came to a stop on the road, the kangaroo looked at it and then jumped across the road and into the bush. Thank you Angels!!

It was so nice to see that the Angels took care of this beautiful animal as so many get injured and killed on the back roads with drivers going too fast to stop.Just wanted to share that with you and your readers.


Shirley writes: I asked for a MBO for things to be better for my partner at his job and nothing happened immediately but now he has changed to a new nice team leader's group! I also said an MBO for all good things to come into my/my partners/my son's life and we won a PPP parenting program workshop over 2 days - value $400+ and then I won a fair trade Armadillo Rug worth $495 !!!!' Thank you Angels and the Universe and thank you Tom!


Judy writes: I sent a package to my four grandsons in Italy the week after Christmas and the first of February they still hadn't received it. I did an MBO for the package to find them and received word this morning the package was delivered to my son-in-law's work. Thank you Guardian Angel.


Lou writes: I injured my foot on Jan 28; a bad mid-level foot injury. I could hardly walk. I couldn't garden anymore, Maggie didn't go out for walks for 3 weeks. I waited two weeks before I had a thump-on-the-head moment, and began asking all of my guardians and angels for a healing. I am going to Dallas to visit the new science museum there, and asked for the pain to stop, and to be able to walk and walk, and walk. Gradually, my foot became better with less pain. Today, I jumped out of bed gingerly-and then danced up and down. Thank you angels and guardians. You did it again!


Robin writes: Money has been tight lately as expenses have been higher than normal. But I agreed to go out to dinner with some friends I hadn't seen in over a year. I said an MBO as we sat down for some of our drinks to be paid for...well 2 hours later, our waitress had disappeared and we were ready to wrap up...another waitress brought us our bill but it was for our tea only, it didn't have our dinner and drinks included. We pointed this out and the new waitress went off to sort it out...turns out the first waitress had a family emergency, left before we paid and forgot to settle the bill...because it took so long to sort out they comped the tea LOL! Next time I will less specific and limiting in my MBO'S.


Donna writes: Got 911'd to hospital Tuesday pm with chest pains and elevated BP. Thought I was a goner. God kept saying, "You're OK." Started thanking him that I could breathe, didn't have cancer, wasn't diabetic, didn't need surgery, could walk, talk, breathe and feed myself. Symptoms lifted. Home now. All is well.When I was told I had congestive heart failure, the first thing I did was to request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my health. It took eventually three procedures to get me back to where I did not have to take any heart medicines, but before each procedure I requested a MBO and had absolutely no fear!


Catherine writes: Mid-Missouri experienced two back-to-back unexpectedly snowfalls. The second snowstorm knocked out electricity, as I discovered when bedroom light switch failed to materialize ... light! No answer from a call to Landlord. Okay! An MBO for landlord to clear parking lot. Found my electric bill, phoned company, and assured of prompt service; THEN I requested an MBO.

Electricity back on with minutes. No Internet via Mediacom! Said an MBO, made breakfast, settled back and relaxed with a great new Audible book. Early afternoon, decided to clear car and take a hike. I alone was on the Katy Trail with Gaia's white beauty and the privilege of the brief companionship with a lone and curious white-tail deer. Exercised and exultant with my walk, I returned home and thrilled to see Landlord had cleared parking lot and steps up to my apartment! Within 30 minutes, Internet was back on! At no time did I feel either panic or concern about any "lack" of electricity, Internet or, if I needed to use my car for an emergency, access to main roads. I just trusted the MBO's and their divine timing, went with the flow and experienced a deliciously cozy, warm, healthy snow day!

Notice how requesting MBO’s lowers the stress level? Give it a try if you haven’t already.


Rick writes: Here is an MBO for you. I downgraded my medicare supplement insurance to a zero premium plan. I am on SSDI for depression, and had been with this insurer for two years. When I downgraded, they started sending me notices that my office visits for therapy were being questioned because it may not be a covered benefit. Normally I get invoices that explain my coverage. I wasn't getting those. I said an MBO for the insurer to continue to pay for the visits. When I signed in and paid my copay, not only did I find out that the previous visits were paid for, but my copay was not $45, but $40 and received a $20 credit. Hoping this continues!


Kanti in Seattle writes: I have a short MBO for you. Last week or so we had to go to a wedding in Boise ID from Seattle WA. It was serious snow weather on Snoqualmie pass and another pass that we had to go over to get there. I requested a MBO for safe traveling and even though severe storm conditions were in progress, we made it over the mountains with virtually no snow. We left to return 3 days later after the huge blizzard had passed but there was another one on the way the same day we were leaving. We got a late start so I was really nervous about the passes--at night!! Another MBO for a safe trip and we went over the mountains just at the beginning of another big storm barely missing it and made it home in record time!

Thanks for these wonderful MBO's Tom!! We love you and all the special friends that you have. Also I want to thank you for inspiring my son. He adores you and the MBO's! he recently just went thru another bout with the hospital for nearly a week from having a deep and very serious lung infection. We, and the doctors, were very, very concerned as he couldn't breathe and everyone thought that it was his heart again. We all said MBO's and it turned out to be his lungs, whew!! He has had four + major heart surgeries since he was 13 (birthday coming up, going to be 34) and only a few months ago spent a week in the hospital over just getting the wires out of his chest but the hosp. messed up and he got a bad infection in the wound that they thought went to the bone. So he was overdosed with a very strong antibiotic, had a severe reaction to it. Meanwhile, we said MBO's together ALOT and turned out there was no bone problem and he is very much healed and home and working on his veggie garden!! I cannot thank you enough Tom for this easy and efficient means of blessings!


Cassondra writes: After a long winter stay in the pasture, my horses got out of the pasture. They decided to take an 'unsupervised' run around the farm and surrounding area. Needless to say I was extremely concerned. I requested an MBO for their safety and their safe return home. It took some time and strategy. We finally caught up with them nearly a mile away on still on the dirt road. The road was very icy. If they had gone the other way or continued, they would have been on the tar road/ traffic. My mare strained a muscle slipping on the ice, which just requires some pasture rest for recovery. She was very humbled and is very unlikely to run off again. (She always learns from the outcome of her decisions.) My gelding (the instigator) was fine and very happy to get home safely. They did no property damage. I got plenty of exercise running through fields of snow and a nice hike down the road and back.


Eleanore writes: Two years ago, I moved from a large home, by choice, to a small apartment and left behind a huge glass coffee table (4 feet by 6 feet). I have been looking for an affordable small replacement ever since. I, in the meantime, discovered your gift of using MBO's and did so toward that purpose over that two year period. Yesterday, I awoke and had a message to drive back to my former location and check out a used items facility there. It's a 2 1/2 hour drive but I thought since I got the "whisper in my ear" I should pay attention. So, I did. Yup, there it was - my glass coffee table and it was exactly the right size for $15!! You can just imagine the words of gratitude all the way home and the great kick I got out of the entire experience!! Expect Great Things. So Fun!!


Daralyn writes: A few days ago I flew from Phoenix airport to Houston where my husband was waiting in the cell phone lot to pick me up. Since I had checked in several hours early in Phoenix, I figured my suitcase would be one of the first ones put in the plane and therefore one of the last taken out. While at the baggage carousel I made an MBO for my bag to be in the first batch unloaded. Then I counted them as they began arriving, and mine was number 8, out of maybe hundreds? So I was able to leave quickly and not keep my hubby waiting!


Flo writes: Hi, Tom - while saying the "I expect GREAT things" prayer/affirmation today, I suddenly was inspired to add "for Humanity" -"I expect GREAT things for Humanity today; I expect GREAT things for Humanity tomorrow; I expect GREAT things for Humanity all week!"

Boy, do I feel good when and after saying this!


Linda in Cascade Maryland writes: Thank you most sincerely, for your wonderful first book on MBO's, I have just begun to apply the principals and a friend and I are doing daily, frequent MBO's, with amazing results! Here is one of my finer MBO's, which I experienced just this week:

I live in Maryland, and while being spared the worst of this winter's weather, we have had our share of slush and salted roads. While driving on a major highway recently my vehicle ran out of windshield washer fluid. As the windshield began to fog and blur with spray I felt a rising sense of panic, as I had no idea where to buy washer fluid in that area, nor any clue how to put into my new and unfamiliar SUV. Collecting my thoughts, I said an MBO. As I drove, I felt a strong urge to exit onto another road towards home, one which I seldom use.

I eventually came to a small gas station and convenience store. I had never been in it, but I felt a strong "nudge" to stop there. When I went in and asked for windshield washer fluid, the pleasant young woman behind the counter got it, rang me up and then offered to put it into the car for me! I was amazed, as no one has ever offered to do that, but this was the time I needed someone to do so. She said, Oh, no problem... I do that for my mother all the time! (Age does have its benefits sometimes!)

I drove away thanking the angels and washing my smeared and splattered windshield. I couldn't wait to share the MBO with my friend, and we agree that the angels probably enjoy our happily sharing the word of their little, daily miracles.


Stacey writes: Looking forward to the new book. I am so glad that I found MBOs and Benevolent prayers. Made a big difference in my life. Here are two that I have found that really work for me lately.

For A Good Night's Sleep:

I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a excellent quality, healing, relaxing, rejuvenating sleep. Thank you. May the results be better that I can expect or hope for. Thank you. I expect great things. Thank you.

I've found that the words excellent quality, and healing are the most potent words in this one.

When Having Negative Thoughts and Feelings:

I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for thinking, feeling and being fulfilled, grateful, abundant, loving, joyous, loved, worthy etc. Thank you. May the results be better that I can expect or hope for. Thank you. I expect great things. Thank you.

Most of the MBOs where I want to evoke certain feelings and thoughts I add 'in all and every moment of the day (today or tomorrow) and in in all and every aspect of all my lives (today or tomorrow). Thank you.'

I thought other people may find these useful.


Leon writes: Thanks for the information and newsletters, especially MBO's.

I’ve been saying MBO's and living prayer longer than I can remember now. Many years. I integrated them into my spiritual and prayer practice quite easily and have found them a constant source of comfort and help to say the least. Very user friendly too!

I remember saying to a friend once when introducing him to them. "I say MBO's for pretty much everything except going to the bathroom (if you pardon the expression)" and he replied, "And don't rule that one out either!" I find they seem to work a lot more pronounced when I am introducing them to other people and am with them. Or if the other person is requesting one for first time. Maybe I just notice it more.

Have adopted your daily Benevolent Prayer, which I find really good.As you may be also aware of family and ancestral karma and how that can effect some of us in different ways. So I have been also saying the Daily benevolent prayer for our forefathers and ancestors to help lighten there karmic burden too.

I ask any and all Beings to please come to the aid, assistance and comfort to anyone my forefathers and ancestors have harmed in anyway, in any past, present and future life. Thank you (or the full version).

We don't know what the actions of our forefathers and ancestors were, either way, I feel this could help a lot. So I include it too with the other prayers.

Been meaning to share this with you Tom.


DeLeah writes: I recently upgraded to the NOOK HD+ and since Barnes and Noble was running a great promotion before Valentine's Day where you get a $30 Gift Card with it I went ahead and did it then. Well last week I went to get my gift card to order some spiritual books and low and behold it is not in my wallet where I know I put it! I started saying MBO's to help me find it. I said, "I request a most benevolent outcome for help in retrieving my lost gift card in an unlimited way with results even better than I could expect or hope for. A few days later my sister messaged me asking for the password on my nieces nooks because they had found a $30 gift card in the garbage! LOL The angels do work in mysterious ways!


Catherine writes: Once one incorporates MBOs and BPs into their life, it becomes second nature to turn to them. Since learning of the low BP Statistic, I felt that was sad and should share with friends not only MBO's, but also the Past, Present, Future BP Sign you have available on your site. This has been quite fulfilling! What has truly amazed me is by reciting the "I expect great things today..." BP! WOW! I have stated this now for 3 weeks. The great things just keep pouring in!! Thank You's just don't seem to cut it Tom. Nonetheless, I appreciate you!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I have asked my children to give me two weeks with the EXPECT GREAT THINGS Prayer... They are obliging me. A sign hangs on our bathroom mirror and they say it before brushing their teeth each morning. Makes me smile!

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