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Friday, December 28, 2012

Energy Shifts in 2013 as Pluto dips into the Taurus Decanate of Capricorn

In Astrology, each 30 degree sign has three 10 degree decanates or decans; each sub-ruled by a planet that rules one of the three signs of that element. As an Earth sign, Capricorn’s first 10 degrees is sub-ruled by Saturn, which rules Capricorn as a whole. Since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, many Saturnian manifestations have occurred, some of which we’ll review shortly.

In 2013 Pluto dips into Capricorn’s 2nd decanate –Taurus (Venus-ruled) decanate for almost eight months, making this a fine time to preview changes we may expect. Both decanates apply in 2013 as Pluto retrogrades to the 1st decan from July 14 to Nov. 24.

Pluto transits reflect the collective unconscious of a generation and an era of history. Its current stay in Capricorn from 2008 to 2024 lasts 16 years. Its last transit in Capricorn led to the American Revolution of 1776, a historic time indeed![1]

In September 2008, the fiscal expansion of the Pluto-in-Sagittarius years halted soon after Pluto entered Capricorn. Steep consumer and government borrowing had buoyed the money supply and gave an illusion of prosperity. Pluto entered Saturn-ruled Capricorn and reality returned. In the USA, mortgage defaults led to massive foreclosures, bank failures, unemployment and homelessness. Real estate values plummeted, the money supply contracted, and government leapt in to shore up banks, insurance companies and auto industries. This averted a collapse of the financial system, but the big banks and corporations’ bailout outraged citizens, fueling the "Occupy" movement, calling attention to the polarized extremes in income levels.

The ‘Arab Spring’ uprising toppled governments in a domino effect. The economies of Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain nearly collapsed, and austerity programs in many countries sparked strikes and riots. Governments had to take emergency measures and implement reforms to prevent similar or worse crises in the future.

Joblessness and cuts in benefits and pensions fueled discontent, and the financial crisis threatened to undermine many governments. Ballooning government debt caused shock and anxiety, and tax cuts made it harder for governments to meet obligations and provide basic services. In the USA, factions polarized, paralyzing Congress and fueling public anger against all elected officials. In 2010, a new Tea Party movement sought to cut taxes, government programs and services, named after the Boston Tea Party protest of taxation without representation during Pluto’s stay in Capricorn leading to the American Revolution of 1776.

In its Jan. 2010, Citizens United decision, the U.S. Supreme Court hugely enlarged the power of money and corporations in politics. As the wealthy amassed greater wealth, the middle class dwindled. As more families fell below the poverty line, the media echoed catch phrases like ‘plutocracy’ (rule by the wealthy), ‘class warfare’ and ‘the system is broken.’

In the first decanate of Capricorn, Pluto showed that economic, government and social structures were shaky and corrupt. Events called for a Plutonian cleansing in Capricorn’s domain of business and government. Pluto reveals decay, leading to regeneration. Those born in or living through this era are called to counter corporate greed and government corruption and invoke Capricorn’s higher traits: honor, integrity, rectitude and purposeful discipline, for the common good.

Pluto in Cap’s first decanate brought scarcity of jobs and money. People became aware of climate change and that population growth and industrial pollution have diminished food and water supplies. As fossil fuels run out, threatening the energy supply that supports modern civilization, we are learning to conserve resources and exploit renewable sources of energy. “Necessity is the mother of invention” is a key to fostering ingenuity and resourcefulness, grit, character and self-reliance. As cash-strapped governments cut social safety nets, employers eliminated benefits and reduced staff. People who lost their homes had to find inner fortitude. Job and social insecurity meant the need to embrace change, reinvent careers, to live within one's means and be disciplined.

Capricorn and Saturn rule time, so valuable to an aging population that is acutely aware of time passing. Success requires managing time well, and as people want to choose how to spend their time, more entrepreneurial businesses have emerged, a trend that will continue.

Disasters tested governments. On April 20, 2010, corporate negligence led to a deep-water oilrig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. For 3 months, an outraged public watched as 4+ million gallons of crude oil a day gushed uncontrollably through the earth’s crust (Saturn). With government able to do little, up to 68,000 square miles of water and coastal wetlands was fouled, harming the ecosystem and economy. Pluto can be likened to a “black hole,” and the horrific oil gush was a true black hole phenomenon.

Another black hole event came August 5, 2010, when a mine collapse trapped 33 Chilean copper miners 2,300 feet down. For 69 days, the world watched rescuers drill an escape shaft and the longest successful mine rescue in history. All 33 miners survived, thanks to the organized efforts of the rescue workers, Chile’s government, and miners' discipline. One miner said, “We knew that if society broke down we would all be doomed.” They kept a daily schedule of tasks, a division of labor and living spaces, shared food rations and voted on all decisions. Supporting each other through Saturn’s gifts of hierarchical organization and discipline, they survived extreme austerity -- the higher side of Pluto in Capricorn. We must each embrace discipline with purpose to do what you can.

Amid earthquakes, mudslides, volcano eruptions, unprecedented storms, droughts and climate extremes, we are forced to accept the reality of climate change. Capricorn rules the knees and pride. As we are tested and brought to our knees, we are purged of false pride, to take responsibility for the earth as humanity's global home, and honor the dignity of work. Pluto in Cap gives us a whole-earth perspective to manage global needs and reminds us that invisible hands also guide our destiny.

Saturn rules the skeleton, and medical science has helped many people with skeletal replacements; dental implants, knee or hip replacements, and prosthetic devices that give wounded veterans and amputees an ability to function with dignity and independence. That is the Minerva side of Pluto, as my first teacher, the gifted spiritual astrologer and healer Isabel Hickey taught decades ago.

On January 20, 2013, energies shift as Pluto reaches 10 degrees Capricorn in the Venus-ruled Taurus decanate. Money is one target for purging and regenerating as accountability in the banking industry and financial institutions looms as consumer protection advocate Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), incoming US Senator, will serve on the Senate Banking Committee. In the Taurus decanate of Capricorn, Pluto will help us restructure banking and finances to achieve best practices.

Taurus is material comfort. No doubt, the term middle class will be redefined, along with a redefinition of standard of living. Venus rules the Taurus decanate of Capricorn; planet of love, so violent messages and images in video games and movies may give way to images of beauty and celebrations of nature’s virtues, as the public's appetite for violence subsides.

As Taurus is money, while Pluto transits this decanate of Capricorn from 2013 to 2018, the European Union may undergo many transformations regarding the criteria for which countries may and may not adopt the Euro as their own. Taurus is also the notion of possession, suggesting changes in maps as various factions claim new territorial borders.

This decanate shift may also bring many breakthroughs in sonar technology, as Taurus rules the voice, sound or tone, thus advances in voice-activated technology and voice-ID security systems. Taurus is the bull (and cow), and we may see new concern for the treatment and mistreatment of cattle, and the land on which they graze.

Taurus is keeper of the seed, so the Taurus decan of Capricorn can motivate us protect our food supply from the harmful effects of genetic seed mutations and modifications. Taurus is rest after arduous effort, and this decanate can raise concerns about land use for final resting places. Pluto is the legacy we leave behind; Taurus is values: thus, may the Invisible Light Workers help us to leave behind that which has enduring value.

Amy Shapiro

[1] This recap is modified from excerpts of an Astrolabe report and software program, based on Isabel Hickey's text, Astrology: A Cosmic Science. The Report gives Ms. Hickey’s interpretations, plus original text that Amy Shapiro wrote on outer planet transits, such as this.

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