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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Interesting Facts about Archangel Michael

In her book, Goddesses and Angels, Doreen Virtue notes that Archangel Michael’s name means ‘He who looks like God,’ and that he is "One of the most powerful members of the Spirit world."

Doreen also writes that Michael guides our life’s purpose with loving but to-the-point advice on how to work on our purpose without delay.

Over the years, I’ve met many people who consistently call on Michael for help and guidance. To be perfectly honest, I call him myself every morning as I’m driving to work. The traffic on I-4 in Orlando is very scary, and I ask Michael to protect me on my journey.

 Here are some interesting facts about Archangel Michael:

· Michael is a leader among the Archangels, and is thought to be the eldest Archangel. Archangels to oversee the responsibilities of Guardian Angels and other beings that act as guardians and guides.

· The two primary areas that Michael is responsible for are protection and life purpose.

· Michael is known as a defender of women.

· Michael is the Archangel to call upon when dealing with grief, and when we need support or comfort.

· Michael is the Patron Saint of police, paratroopers, mariners, and paramedics.

· He can be called upon to us with physical healing, and Angelica root is associated with Michael.

· Michael can assist in the raising of our vibratory levels.

In my experience, calling on Michael is like calling on your best friend. He’s always ready to help. Many people (including me) say that they can almost feel his wings wrap around them when they speak to him.
When I talk to Michael, I talk to him like I’m talking to anyone. In my experience, he does not stand on pomp and circumstance.

 So if you’re feeling down, you need protection, or help finding your life purpose, call on Michael. Keep in mind that Angels don’t interfere with freewill. We need to ask for their help. When we do, Michael is standing by ready to assist us.

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