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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your Life is Whispering to You. Pay Attention. Oprah’s Life Class Discussion

“Listen to your life when it whispers to you so it doesn’t come crashing down on you like brick wall.” – Oprah

Last night, Oprah reminded us to pay attention to the signs in our life. She says that life speaks to us all the time, first a whisper then a scream sometimes in the form of a tragic event. While she focused on the warning whispers that tug at us before something bad happens, she didn’t talk about the positive whispers from the Universe. I think our life not only warns us, it encourages us in a certain direction to allow our best selves to come forward.

As I watched last night, I shook my head. I knew exactly what she was talking about when she said life whispers to us. I also knew what it felt like not to pay attention. For me, not tragic but maybe just unfulfilled.

I can recall as a child writing lyrics to songs (very unusual) then graduating to poetry in middle school. When I was in the eighth grade, my friend Karen Knezvic, the Class President, gave me a Christmas present—a journal to write in with the following inscription:

“Your poetry is really sensitive and I admire that creativity in you. Don’t lose it. I guess this Christmas gift isn’t “material,” but I do hope it will mean something to you. You’re ready for it. This gift is something I’d like to share with you because writing and expression is where it’s at : ) It is given with much hope and love and of course, a smile.”

In high school and college, I received A’s in English and Writing courses and lower grades in Math. Since grade school, math was the toughest of all classes for me. I spent more hours studying Geometry, Statistics, Calculus and Algebra than any other subject only to get a B- or C if I was lucky. As an adult, I ended up becoming a CPA and still can’t add two and two in my head. Ironically, part of my job as a CPA consultant often times involves documenting processes. At one large CPA firm I worked for, I was known as the best person to write up documentation narratives. How funny.
When I was young, I thought writing was too easy. The sensible side of me thought there was no money in it. Why focus on writing seriously? In retrospect, it was a whisper I should have paid attention to.

With a company and website called Explore Beyond the Usual, you can imagine that I know some very intuitive people. For as long as I can remember, I’ve gone for my annual psychic pap smear. I visit an Intuitive’s Intuitive. Without fail each year I would get, “Have you started your book yet?” or “I have some woman on the other side screaming at me that you need to do some writing. She’s saying you must start now!” I’ve even had one intuitive tell me, “I hear that you’re going to be a Best Selling author. You’ll publish three books”

When one of the top psychics in the field tells you you're going to be a Best Selling Author, it should be a loud enough whisper to motivate anyone to give it a try.

Even a romantic interest can whisper in your ear. For years, a certain handsome real estate developer and I would spend hours upon hours emailing each other back and forth all day. He liked my writing so much he requested special…hmmm… narratives from me. I’ll call them romantic process narratives. Because of his playful encouragement, he motivated me to write a book and make him one of the main characters in my first novel Portsmouth – A Love Story—the ultimate romantic narrative. Would there be a novel if I hadn’t met him and got a little nudge from behind? Good question.

Whispers can come when you least expect it—like day spas. I was having a pedicure one day—sitting and relaxing in my white bathrobe. All of a sudden, a woman across the room said to me, “You’re a writer aren’t you? I’m a writer. I can usually spot one a mile away” When I asked her why she asked, she said, “I felt compelled to ask.”

Compelled. Interesting word. I knew it was the Universe speaking to me loud and clear.

Sometimes the Universe speaks to us literally.

In my book review for Writing Spirit by Lynn Andrews, I talk about picking up her book at Barnes and Nobles and flipping it over and it said, “You are a writer. Your act of power is the book or the story that you are creating. It is now time for you to bloom” I had been asking all week, if I should get involved in a writing contest my friend kept nudging me to participate in. Yet another whisper.

That friend (who is also writer), introduced me to a woman who does editing work for her. She’s been invaluable to me during the process of writing my first novel

I then found a Writers Group at my public library. Their review comments on several chapters have helped me immensely.

As I’m finishing my book, I’m wondering how the Universe will speak to me about getting the book published. The publishing industry seems to be in an upheaval right now. I keep asking myself, traditional route or self publish? I don’t know the answer right now. I have no doubt when I get closer to that fork in the road, the Universe will whisper to me which publishing route will be the best one for me.

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