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Friday, August 26, 2011

You Can Heal Your Life Movie Review

You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded versionEvery thought you have and every word you speak is creating your future. It’s simple but not easy. You begin to be aware of what you didn’t want in your life and how you are contributing to it. This has been around forever but for some reason within the last 20 years, the universe has wanted [this message] to go out to all people that are ready for it…Our thoughts go out into the universe and are brought back to us as experience. Once you can accept this, you can begin to deliberately create your life.” Louise Hay-You Can Heal Your Life-The Movie.

Looking back over the year, I must say that it was paradoxical. It was the most peaceful year I’ve ever had yet it was also filled with resistance. I worked mostly out of my home office rather than traveling around the world as I usually do. This allowed me to walk on the beach every day, catch up on my reading and start two new businesses. On the other hand, I had to re-evaluate some friendships in my life. I had some challenges with contractors working on a home I was renovating, and a certain romantic interest proved to be perplexing. I didn’t sit down and do a year (more like a life) in review until I received a gift from my friends at Hay House publishing—Louise Hay’s new movie, You Can Heal Your Life.

Affirmation Flash Back

Although I don’t know Louise personally, she and I go waaay back…to the 80’s that is. I was first introduced to her while taking a psychic development class in Boston. The instructor, Julianna Kallas, introduced me to metaphysical and spiritual principles including meditation, channeling, auras, clairvoyance, claiaudience, clairsentience, and psychometry. We were taught about the importance of energy and how raising our vibration through meditation could help us connect more easily to the energy of the universe—and heal our lives in whatever area appeared to be falling apart.

Julianna copied pages from Louise’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, and handed them to the class. Maybe that was a copyright infringement but the whole class turned out to be Hay House customers for life. Julianna gave us reading assignments and told us to practice the affirmation process that Louise outlined in her book. We would return back the following week and discuss how our lives had changed as a result of doing daily affirmations. Everyone in the class had a positive change which they could identify.

You Can Heal Your Life-The Movie

There are three distinct sections on the dvd-- the movie which introduces you to the concept that your thinking influences the direction of your life. The movie was directed by Hay House Radio host and Spiritual Cinema Circle Founder Gay Hendricks. The movie is tastefully produced and very convincingly demonstrates how the average person goes about their day thinking mostly in negative terms about the people around them, their work, their financial status, their life circumstances and mostly about themselves then wonder why things don’t change or keep getting worse. Everyone can identify with the main character. This is where Louise and her stable of great Hay House authors step in and show you how to train your mind to think differently.

The two other sections of the dvd include in-depth interviews with a number of Hay House authors and a section where you can practice affirmations with Louise. The background music used for the affirmations is almost hypnotic.

Clean Out the Cobwebs

I decided to listen to the affirmations section of the movie while I did the dishes. I started the dishes at 6 PM. As a result of doing affirmations with Louise, I got into a groove and repeated them while I moved on to cleaning my whole house including hanging pictures that had been sitting on the floor for a year and screwing in switch and electrical plates that were sitting on the counter for six months since the renovations were complete. I found a feather duster I never knew I had—a left over from the maid service who used to clean my house. I repeated affirmations and tidied up my house from 6 PM until 1 AM in the morning! I think I was cleaning more than my house. I felt like I was cleaning out the cobwebs of my brain since the 80’s—and there were a lot of them in there.


In the movie, Louise says that you may not see big dramatic change within 24 hours of starting the affirmation process (although that’s not impossible), you will be begin to see your garden sprout with small changes. I saw my sprouts within 24 hours. I got an email from someone who had been bucking me for two weeks. All of sudden he changed his position and the situation flowed. I had applied to participate on my local Zoning Board of Adjustment. The application was being held up while two City Councilors were fighting with each other—about my application. Within 24 hours, I was approved unanimously to serve on the Board. I was having problems with my cell phone service. I called to get it fixed and was given a $50 credit on my bill. It turned out that the battery overheated. I just had to take my battery out and put it back in and the service reconnected. All of these events occurred within 24 hours of watching and practicing the affirmations in Louise Hay’s movie. I like sprouts. I’ll take healthy sprouts over weeds any day.

Create Your New Year

Over the years, affirmations have been in the back of my mind but not the forefront. I did say them every day but maybe not with the conviction they and I deserve. Louise Hay’s new movie, You Can Heal Your Life, brought me back to a time when the practice of affirmations were a part of my daily life. I had to stop and wonder why on earth I jumped off that train somewhere along the line. Affirmations always worked. When I do them, I always have a noticeable change in my life. Where have I been all these years!

The resistance I was experiencing was showing signs of easing—even if it were baby steps. The end of the year is the best time to clean out the cobwebs, start doing affirmations again, and watch your life sprout with positive change. With the affirmation process, you can proactively choose which direction your life will take in the New Year. At the very least (as Louise says), “You’ll start getting the parking spaces and green lights.”

Affirmations to Practice

Here are a few affirmations from the movie to clean out the cobwebs and get your life sprouting in the right direction again:

I learn from experience and everything I touch is a success.

• I release the past and I am free to love fully in the present.

• I live in harmony and balance with everyone I know.

• I am one with the creative power of the universe and this connection brings me fulfillment and abundance.

• I work at a job I truly love.

I express myself creatively through my work and I earn a good income doing it.

• I feel a vibrant wellness in my body increase every day.

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