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Thursday, March 20, 2014

There is No Edge Between You and The Universe.

In my last post, I talked about the meditation image number 13 from Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be: “There is an Edge between you and the universe.” The companion meditation image is number14: “There is no Edge between you and the universe.” Opening the Heart is built around the concept that contemplating or meditating on perceived dualities can lead us deeply into our hearts, where contact to our deepest selves can be made. It can also lead us to learn what resides in our hearts, what our heart’s story is.

This is meditation image number 14:

What came through at the time of creating Opening the Heart was:

Science tells us that, despite what we perceive, the human body is mostly empty space. This is because the atoms of which we are composed are mostly space. Seemingly then, anything and everything can flow through us; everything can easily intermingle. Hence, there is no Edge between us and the universe. If so, what flows through from you to others, from others to you? What do you want this flow to consist of? Test for what flows through. Test to see if you can change what that is.

(I suppose that I should say that I do not know that the above statement is completely accurate. It may be my and my angels and guides interpretation of what science tells us as filtered through the quantum/metaphysical view of the universe. It is, however, true as I understand it that science does describe atoms as mostly empty space on the microcosmic level.)

At the time that I worked with image number 13 using the Pick a Number exercise I received that I should not work immediately with image 14, but rather was to let that information more fully integrate into my consciousness. As said in my previous post, I initially had a bit of trepidation of about working with the exercises in Opening the Heart as I had been living, so to speak, with the book for so long. My concern about only receiving what initially came through has gone away since working with meditation image number 13 as it went so well. It also reinforced for me that those working with Opening the Heart will indeed receive new knowledge as they continue to work with it. (Do you hear the angels and guides giggling about silly human notions—as if they would help create something that would not help you grow and change over time?)

I decided today to work with image 14 and meditate on what there being no edge means for me today. I went to a very peaceful place. Almost immediately, part of a prayer that was cited in a book on runes I used to own came into my mind. It is: “You who are the source of all power in the universe/You whose love illuminates the world….” Then I received that, if we are completely closed off by a firm and non-permeable Edge, we will not receive the awe and illumination that waits for us by being able to connect with the universe. We will lose the sense of being held in what author, preacher, speaker, workshop leader, and professor Barbara Brown Taylor calls the Luminous Web, that which holds all things in place and together.

In other words, if we hold fast to a non-permeable Edge, none of the illumination and knowledge that our hearts are able to connect with and bring us is unavailable to us. This again brought to mind the meditation exercise that I work with almost every day. This is the image where I see/feel the creator’s light coming into my heart, spreading throughout my body, surrounding me, and then seeing/feeling it flowing deep into the earth and high into the sky. I see/feel the light create a magnificent root system and an equally magnificent canopy of branches, limbs and leaves.

This exercise is meant to ground me firmly in my body so that I am not only living “out there”, but am also living firmly within my body. It is also meant to maintain that connection to the universe, to have no Edge between me and it. Having no Edge means that I am open to receiving the loving energy of others (including the angels, guides, elementals, devas, and all the loving beings inhabiting the universe), the earth, the sky, and the divine. I can also more easily send out loving and healing energy to everyone and everything around me.

Being without an Edge at appropriate times and places means that we can send and receive the loving and healing energy of the universe as well as send and receive love and healing from others, the earth, and all and everyone we come into contact. It also means that we can perceive the negative energy of those and that we should not be around.

Part of Opening the Heart is to meditate on both of a pair can be true or useful, how we can conduct ourselves in a way the honors both aspects. Or how we can know when to follow the path of one of the pair at one moment and the path of the other at another time; and how we can know how and when to blend the two paths. All, I suppose, without becoming mentally dizzy—probably by doing the deep breathing that Opening the Heart talks about.


You can purchase a copy of Opening the Heart through the link on this blog post. A purchase made this way helps support this blog and as well the author.

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Kathryn Samuelson, as an intuitive, channels your angels and guides who are delighted to connect with you, and who are uniquely suited to answer your questions and address your concerns. She can receive information as to who your angels and guides are, as well as receiving information for you about family, health, job and career, and life path among other issues and concerns. In her life coaching practice, she welcomes all clients, but specializes in helping those who are undergoing a transition in their lives—whether it is a move, a job or career change, a loss of some type, or some other transition issue. She was certified as a life coach in 2007 by the University of New Hampshire. Kathryn also leads workshops based on the set of meditation images and text contained in the book called Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be. She created this book with her friend, Linda Lewis. For more information: www.kathrynsamuelson.com, klsamuelsonATyahoo.com, or 781-799-7332

Monday, March 3, 2014

Every Experience Has a Purpose

Every experience we have is an invitation to become stronger in our faith that truly everything is always in perfect and Divine order. There is nothing in life that happens to us, which does not hold a golden nugget of opportunity for us to shift into the knowing that it does not matter what happens to us in life. What matters instead is how we respond to it. What matters is what we become based on those experiences, how we maneuver through life in response to them, and whether we can find ourselves to be responding rather than reacting from a place of patterning and prior conditioning, when it does not serve us.

When we can truly move into alignment with our true Self and fully connected to Source, God, Creator, the Universe (use whichever name resonates most with you), we move into a state of allowing God’s Grace to flow freely. We don't stand in the way and get upset that the current is getting stronger and stronger and that the paddling upstream is exhausting us.

When we move into alignment with our true Self, everything becomes easy. It takes practice. It isn’t easy until we get there, but it IS worth it. It is a road less traveled--a road full of mystery and unknowns. It is a road that will lead us to great treasures, miracles and blessings that shower us along the way at the most opportune times, only if we dare to embark on this journey.

When we say Yes! to life, when we say Yes! to living fully, the doors can open wide. It takes our commitment in order to walk this road less traveled. It takes a great deal of courage and strength. It takes much more than we realize at first. But once we set foot on it, there is no turning back. We could, but when we do, we realize that our mindset and attitude towards the world have changed. We realize that we are less able to tolerate that which is out of alignment with true Love and our Soul’s desire. When we continue to walk our new path, we take time to rest when needed and ideally we continue on when we are replenished.

We tend to forget at times that we are always supported along the way. We may argue that friends and even some family members have dropped away and that our support system has actually shrunk. What I am speaking of are the higher realms of Light assisting us, surrounding us with utmost Love and Grace if only we are open to receiving; if only we are willing to feel their presence. It is not for their sake that we need to acknowledge them. It's for ours. It's so we can  feel connected and supported; for us to feel their Love and commitment to serve us, work with us, move forward together with us. Through our appreciation for them, we can recognize that new friends are stepping in to support us when we allow them to take that place within our lives.

There is nothing more important for us than to shine our Light. Whenever we dim our Light, we render a great disservice to the whole, for we are all interconnected. It is important that we reach out and ask for support from those who have shown up to heed the call together with us. When some drop away, it is because space needs to be created for a new and maybe different, more serving kind of support. Support that is in alignment with where we are vibrationally, in alignment with our path and purpose, in alignment with being able to give us that which we need to move to the next level of understanding.

Yes, it is all about understanding from within our Heart. When we understand what is going on in our life, when we can see what is transpiring from a higher perspective, we can see this world through eyes of Love and a Heart filled with Peace. When we reach that place, it is for us to remember this place in those moments where things seem to go utterly awry. That way, we can reach back to that strength of knowing that we are truly loved and supported whenever we need to feel it.

This is essential for us to be able to go on in times of seeming disarray. When things seem to be totally falling apart. We need to look for proof that good things are happening too. We need to look for signs which support our view of the world becoming a better place. We need to focusing on the Light--on that which we wish to see more of in the world. This is just as much a reality as that which is coming up for review, that which is rearing its ugly head while it is being ushered out of a world that is no longer willing to tolerate injustice and greed.

We are all working together; those who upset us, as well as those who serve us. When we have an upset with someone, it is in order to help us shift into a new level of being, a new level of commitment to ourselves, a new level of serving our purpose, or speaking our truth and of living in alignment with our Soul.

When we find that this is true, then we can come to the conclusion that anytime something “bad” happens, it is all for the higher good; it is meant to help us shift our approach as to how we are in the world. It is not an invitation to give up and stick our head in the sand. It is an invitation to walk our talk, to hold on to our beliefs and to act upon them with Grace and Love. Love for ourselves, and with that Love for those we interact with. For only when we honor ourselves first – from a non-selfish place – can we honor others fully.

We first have to love ourselves before we can truly love others. It is the same with commitment, with honoring, with listening, with answering. When we leave ourselves out of the equation in an effort to be of service to others first and to be self-less, we are in truth abandoning ship, for such service cannot last. We have to take care of ourselves before we can truly take care of others.

This does not mean that we are meant to not serve others; it just means that when we are strong by loving ourselves wholeheartedly, with all our quirks and seeming faults, we can have true Love for others as well. Then we can embrace them fully for all they are, the Joy, the sadness, the anger, the confusion. Then we can really serve; serve from a place of holding space for their current experience, knowing that it too shall pass.

Life is made up of ups and downs. We are here to Experience, yes Experience. Experience is about the whole picture. It is about living life fully, about allowing ourselves to feel all of it, about finding ways that work for us in regard to being with it and growing from it; bringing ourselves to a greater place of understanding what unconditional Love truly is all about. It is about remembering who God/Source/Universe is; a vast, endless sea of Love. A Love that is so majestic that it is yet incomprehensible to the human mind.

We are here to expand our limited human mind to that of the God mind. We are always connected to it, we just haven’t tapped into it yet. Maybe some of us have gotten a glimpse of it now and then. But for the majority of humanity, as of yet, it is still far from being the norm. One day it will be and that’s when we are truly enlightened.

When we can see the world, ourselves and others through God’s eyes and mind, everything will change for the best. Being patient with ourselves and others will be easy and natural, and with that Peace is restored within our Hearts and minds.

So be it.

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Polly N. Benkstein is a contributing author to the book Divine Inspirations - Stories of Awakening and Empowerment by Everyday Lightworkers.

She is a passionate Healer, Channel and Writer. On this plane, her teachers include many well known and not so well known ones. Polly trained in many healing modalities, and loves to use her own ecclectic approach. Her motto is: WE are called to be the change we wish to see in the world, WE are the ones we have been waiting for. To find out more and/or to connect with Polly, you can visit her website at http://www.claimingyourdivinebirthright.com/ or email her at 333HeavenOnEarth444@gmail.com

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

There is an Edge Between You and the Universe.

Linda, my book designer and co-creator of Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be were talking about Opening the Heart one day. I mentioned that I had been living with it for such a long time and realized that it had been awhile since I had done any of the exercises. It motivated me to start doing an exercise from the book at least occasionally (and it would be good for me to be a participant in the workshop once rather than always being the workshop leader.)

After some thought about this, I decided to do the exercise called Pick a Number. In this exercise you ask to be given a number from 1 to 56. Once you hear a number in your mind, you go to that meditation image in the book. Working with this exercise requires that you settle yourself, breathe deeply, use the chosen meditation image as a gateway into your heart, and ask to be told what your heart wants you to know.

I admit that I have had a low level of trepidation in the past about doing the exercises contained in Part 3 of the book. I believe that this was because the information in Part 2 of Opening the Heart, which consists of meditation texts that you can use as an entry into meditation, came through me from my angels and guides. I believe that my ego mind assumed that I would just come up with what was written in the book or be deeply influenced by what had been written to trigger people’s meditations. I learned that this was not true, and in fact, was reminded that one can do an exercise over and over again and receive different information. Much wisdom resides in the heart, and it knows what we need to hear at any particular time—which, of course, changes over time.

I settled myself and asked for a meditation image number. I was given 13.

The text on this image is “There is an Edge between you and the universe.” (Its paired meditation image says “There is no Edge between you and the universe.”)

What came through at the time of the creation of Opening the Heart was:

Where and what is your Edge? What is between it and you? Where do you begin and end? Is it your mind? Is it the life that you live? Is it what makes you separate and distinct from others? People talk about pushing the envelope. Is your Edge the envelope? Does that envelop hold space for your thoughts and ideas, your love and compassion? Does it lead you? Do you lead it? Con you create anything without an Edge to hold the space for possibilities? Test for the Edge—see where and what it is, and then use it.

Hmm, I thought while going into meditation and asking what I needed to know about this. Would this come through or would something new come through for me. What I received in my mediation was that, while I work in the metaphysical world, it is very important for me to maintain that Edge, or I suppose you could say boundary, between me and the Universe, to keep myself firmly in my body and grounded.

I have met lightworkers or metaphysicians, as I call them, who truly do not live in their bodies. It seems as if they are always floating out there in the metaphysical world. I remember the Star Trek movie where Kirk is asked if he was from outer space. He said no that he was from Iowa, he merely worked in space. I think that what I heard in this meditation is somewhat like this. I live in my body, I merely work in the metaphysical; that I cannot truly help my clients if I am not firmly grounded in myself and taking care of myself.

I have an exercise I try to do every day to ground myself and had been doing before I meditated on meditation image 13. This information confirmed for me that this grounding practice is a good one for me. I envision light coming into my heart center, then flowing deeply into the earth where it grows a vast root system. At the same time, the light flows high into the sky growing limbs, branches, leaves, and twigs. I see the roots and leaves absorbing the energies of the four elements—earth, air, fire and water. And then I see them absorbing the energies of the six directions—north, south, east, west, above, and below. I see myself firmly ground/rooted, yet at the same time clear and connected to the Universe. I see a line running directly from above to below. I see a line from north to south, and then one from east to west. Thus, I see myself firmly living in my body, on the earth plane, but solidly connected to receive information for my clients from the Universe.

By maintaining this boundary, I can fully participate in my life, be present and take care of myself. This means I can be present for my clients in a grounded and clear way. And, of course, help them in the ways that they need to be helped.

Interestingly, a day or so later, I thought I should work with meditation image 13’s pair. I was told no, I should work with a different image. It can be useful to work with a meditation pair at times, but apparently, it is not always useful or beneficial. It seems that I needed information different than what I would have received by meditating on meditation image number 14 that day.


Kathryn Samuelson, as an intuitive, channels your angels and guides who are delighted to connect with you, and who are uniquely suited to answer your questions and address your concerns. She can receive information as to who your angels and guides are, as well as receiving information for you about family, health, job and career, and life path among other issues and concerns. In her life coaching practice, she welcomes all clients, but specializes in helping those who are undergoing a transition in their lives—whether it is a move, a job or career change, a loss of some type, or some other transition issue. She was certified as a life coach in 2007 by the University of New Hampshire. Kathryn also leads workshops based on the set of meditation images and text contained in the book Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be.

She created this book with her friend, Linda Lewis. For more information: www.kathrynsamuelson.com, klsamuelsonATyahoo.com, or 781-799-7332

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Some Friendly Aquarian Tips

Happy birthday to all Aquarians!

Sign of friendship, computer technology, astrology and group affiliation, your so-called key word is "I KNOW" ... and you do! The knowledge you're most passionate about is whatever sparks self-awareness. You follow the sage advice: Know Thyself and Thou Wilst Know God. It is partly why astrology appeals to you, as a self-knowledge tool. As Aquarius loves high level abstract reasoning, what looks like eccentricity to others is just routine logic to you. I often use the analogy that if you drive a van or truck, your higher vantage point gives a broader and further view than if you were seated lower-to-the ground. The process of elevating your perspective is a joy for you. Along those lines, here are some friendly tips on how current cosmic energies might be impacting you, and some options available for you to choose, in how you want to perceive and respond to these energies.

These interpretations apply to Aquarian sub-groups, based on slow-moving energies in 2014: Chiron, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Eris, to see which Aquarians are most impacted by these transits:

Saturn is between 16-30 Scorpio: This forms a 90-degree square to 50% of all Aquarians, as Saturn is in the last half of Scorpio, another "fixed" sign. This square impacts every Aquarian born after February 4th (earlier Aquarians had this square in last year). My tips: be good to your heart by taking steps to reduce your stress. Stay focused on work and career, managing your time so that you don't over-promise / under-deliver. Find the right formula for balancing quality and quantity. Issues with your boss / superiors or authority figures require mutual respect and commitment. This could be a year for closing a chapter in your life that involves internal more than external recognition, where a test of your core character can be passed by being true to yourself and knowing your limits.

Chiron is between 9-17 Pisces: This forms a helpful semi-sextile (a 30-degree angle) to your Sun if you were born January 29 to February 6th. Chiron is the "Wounded Healer" so this is heightening your sensitivity to suffering in the world, and your desire to help others who are hurting. There is an emphasis on practical matters and using money, resources and possessions to heal your own injuries, and potentially help others. If something will enhance your quality of life, seek a way to acquire it.

Uranus is between 8-16 Aries: Aquarians born between January 28th and February 5th are feeling a terrific sextile (60-degree angle) from Uranus this year. Sextiles are tools in your toolbox for you to use, so while they require effort, they give you the chance to apply your knowledge and skill. This case, you may feel ready to take some courses to up your skills, perhaps even study of astrology. Some surprises may be in store with siblings or other relations in the midst of changing times. You could plan an extended family reunion and have a great time with that. Writing may play a bigger role in your life this year, especially if you have been wanting to write your memoirs. Attitude is everything for you, and you have a lot to say about the goals you have set in your life, and how you have achieved them. This could be your year to start Blogging!

Neptune is between 3-7 Pisces: Aquarians born January 22nd to 27th are getting a semi-sextile (30-degree angle) to your Sun, giving you illusive feelings about money and possessions. This is not a time to gamble or take big risks with finances, but it is a great time to go through your possessions and consider which you still need, or are serving you in positive ways. Apply the power of positive visualization to all things related to money and your resources, and if others offer you help, don't let pride stand in the way of accepting it, as you also give by receiving. There is room, too, for whimsy in your life, so find ways to enjoy what you have and take pleasure in giving.

Pluto is between 11-13 Capricorn: Aquarians born January 30th to February 3rd are feeling a semi-sextile (30-degree angle) from Pluto, so put your believes into practice to add meaning to your life and to others. If you need help, resources are available, especially if you are coping with grief and end-of-life issues. This is a great time to empower charitable causes that you want to benefit.

Eris is between 21-23 Aries: This super slow dwarf planet is so recently discovered, astrologers are still learning about it. It's been called by Tom Canfield the "frenemy" principle and Maria Kay Simms has proposed Eris as the ruler of Libra. I view Eris as a "provocateur" based on observing her in dozens of charts, and if Canfield's theory is true, that a soft aspect such as a sextile is problematic, then this is a challenging year for you. Thinking before you speak is crucial as your words carry more power than you realize. Consider that every word you utter can change the world, so weigh your words before you speak or write. Do you have a message the world needs to hear? Do you have some provocative questions to pose that might engage others in a life-altering conversation? I pose these as questions, rather than as statements, for you to see for yourself the power of asking!

Knowledge is power, so I hope helps to empower you to have your best year ever!


Amy Shapiro

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For 40+ years, Astrologer Amy Shapiro has nurtured soul growth with skills and services drawn on her training with Astrologer Isabel Hickey, William Swygaard, Jo Onvlee, John Chung Li and Dr. Oskar Adler. Amy was the first Clerk for NCGR and an early President of NCGR- Boston. She co-discovered a technique with Astrologer Ron Davison called The Relationship Chart or as she calls it The Conception Chart of the Relationship due to its esoteric implications.

Her TV and radio show, "Good Heavens!" won her wide acclaim with the public and her Good Heaven’s column appeared monthly in Dell Horoscope Magazine. She continues to be a contributor to Horoscope Magazine. She founded the Cape Ann School of Astrology and has been a consultant, editor and writer for Para Research, Astral Research, Cosmic Communications and Dell Horoscope. After earning her MA in Education and Psychology, she earned an M.Ed. in Counseling, and trained in stress management, T’ai Chi, meditation, visualization; reincarnation, hypnotherapy and nutrition. She has been as a Head Start Advisor, taught at Wheelock and Endicott Colleges, and trained at Harvard’s Mind-Body Institute and New England Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

She has dedicated 20+ years to The Testament of Astrology, 7-volume course by Austrian Astrologer Dr. Oskar Adler, and has now published a comprehensive Curriculum Guide for the entire 7 volume series. She has also written and published Dr. Adler's biography called Dr. Oskar Adler: A Complete Man. Her other books include One Sex to the Other – Reincarnation and the Dual-Gender SoulThe Dis-Appointment Book –A Human Therapy Guide to Conquering Disappointments She coauthored the book Questioning the Oracle—The IChingThe Gift of the Tortoise-New Insights into the I-ChingNever Mind, and Forces at Work: Astrology and Career, Before This Song Ends - A Timeless Romance.

With her husband, Ed Kaznocha, Amy raised two sons in Gloucester, MA, where they enjoy gardening and landscaping. She can be reached at www.NewAgeSages.com

Other Blog Posts by Amy: Mass Wedding Bells on 11/12/13, Ride the Wave of a Rare Grand Water TrineCourage and Compassion … in a SongLoss, Love and Poetry in Times of ChaosMaster of the WheelEnergy Shifts in 2013 as Pluto dips into the Taurus Decanate of CapricornBirthing Pains & Rewards: Saturn Sextiles Pluto on 12/27/12December 2012 Astrological Forecast Rousseau's Novel Romance ~ Portsmouth: A Love StoryOctober 2012 Astrological ForecastMars in Scorpio - What Legacy Compels You to Act?A Gardener’s Dream: No Soil? No Problem!The Mercury Wave: Retro Direct, Astrological Forecast for August 2012This Pivotal Year ~ Uranus goes Retrograde on July 13th2012 A Pivotal Year2012 - A Pivotal Year - Coping with ChangesWhose Astrologer Are You?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Most Benevolent Outcome Stories for January 2014 Part 3

Included in this Blog:

· MBOS In Dreams
· BP For Arrested Friend
· MBO For New Coat
· MBO For Playoff Tickets
· MBO For Friend
· BP For Father's Trip

Welcome to the Benevolent Outcomes Blog, and welcome to everyone who subscribed in the past week. This Blog is for people just discovering how to use a very simple, yet powerful and effective spiritual tool you can use every day the rest of your life. It will lessen the stress and fear of life in general, and will make your life easier. It’s so simple a lot of people say “It can’t be this easy,” but it is, because IT WORKS! This reconnects you with your Guardian Angel, or higher power, or whatever your belief is. You simply say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for…….., thank you!” When you read the stories below, sent from all over the world, we use the acronym MBO for Most Benevolent Outcomes, GA for Guardian Angel, and BP for Benevolent Prayers (what you ask for other people).

Please email me your MBO stories to show others how to use this simple tool to TomTMoore6(at)aol.com. Now for some inspiring stories.


Helen writes: I have a strange MBO story to tell you; although I do not know if it is MBO Blog worthy for you to post:

I watched the latest Riddick movie on DVD last night. I should have known better than to watch a SCI-FY/Action movie at night because I always get nightmares from those types of movies. Before going to sleep I requested a MBO for a relaxing sleep with sweet dreams.

I don’t know if I had any sweet dreams, but right before waking up for the next morning, I had a dream about the “motorcycles” that were in the Riddick movie. Instead of hovering across the land like in the movie, these motorcycles were humongous 3-wheelers. The size of the wheels reminded me of wheels on a two-ton truck! A bunch of us were renting these motorcycles to get to the “outback” for an adventure. To get to the “outback” we had to take a dirt road.

The dirt road was a nice even road to begin with; but as soon as we were out of sight from the rental company, the road took a dip. The road was going downhill and of course with gravity, you go faster. Then the road changed like an earthquake was hitting it. There were huge slabs of rock that kept moving sideways and shifting up and down in front of us. The noise of the wind rushing by and the slabs of moving rock grating each other were very loud, not to mention the roaring engines of the humongous motorcycles we were on.

I was going downhill at an extreme angle, uncontrollably fast, trying to focus on ensuring these huge tires land on a flat surface of shifting rocks; meanwhile I am clenching onto the handles of the bike and being bounce and jarred about on this bombastic 3-wheeler motorcycle (no seat belts), just going too fast, scaring the wind out of me!

Then I suddenly remembered to say my MBO, so I yelled at the top of my lungs but the noise around me so was loud that it was sucking out my MBO and I could barely hear myself. I tried yelling even louder over the noise: “I REQUEST A MOST BENEVOLENT OUTCOME TO…” I couldn’t exactly remember what the MBO was for but the next instant in my dream I drove up to a building, as if nothing had happened and got off the bike; while the others kept driving on those noisy bikes to wherever (with the dust flying about). The dream continued on with such craziness that I woke up.

As I sat in bed, still trying to catch my wind from that awful motorcycle ride, I remembered how I was yelling out for my MBO; just screaming for it at the top of my lungs.

Sigh… so much for sweet dreams.

I’m not sure if I’ve covered dreams in my blog so far, so here are some points to consider. In Helen’s movie the three-wheeler she was riding was seemingly out of control, but when she shouted the MBO, suddenly everything became calm—The Gentle Way, as I constantly remind you.

I often dream of requesting MBOs. Whether those are reminders, or I’m teaching someone in that quantum state where we can travel anywhere in the universe, I don’t know—perhaps all of the above and more that we don’t yet understand!

Our dreams quite often contain messages from your soul. Even though most are symbolic, they can tell you when something good is coming along, and when there are challenges soon to be experienced. If I have the latter type dream, when I awaken I say, “I request a MBO that anything in this dream pertaining to my life have results even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!”

I’ve been recording my dreams each night if I get up to go to the bathroom, or in the morning for those last one or two you can recall as you slowly awaken. I keep a notebook, pen, and penlight on my nightstand, and record the next morning’s date before I go to sleep. That is a “physical” message to my brain to try and remember the dreams.


Alexandria writes: My friend almost got arrested for no reason, so I said a Benevolent prayer: “I ask any and all beings that my friend does not get arrested, and that the police listens to him and understands his situation, better than I expected n hope for, Thank You!” So my friend called back, and said that the cops were so nice and understanding. They didn’t arrest him because they found no reason to!! Thank you Angels.


Jackie writes: I requested an MBO to buy a new winter coat that would look nice, fit, and be within my budget. I went to the store and found a coat I really like, for only $40! Now I look more professional and have a coat with a working zipper.


Jackie writes: My mom said an MBO for a way to go to the Packer's playoff game. A few days before the game she won two tickets for the game, in the MVP section which gave them easy access to food and drinks (also free) and warmth, which was important with the bitter wind chills. This was easily worth $1000 and an awesome experience!


Lee writes: Tonight I told a friend about MBO's and your blog. She is having trouble getting employment. I helped her compose an MBO to say and we talked about quieting the negative thoughts after you say an MBO. I went on Facebook and the perfect quote came up about instead of sitting and waiting for things to happen to you to stand up and make them happen. Of course I shared this with her and said the universe responded and to expect great things! Thank you, Tom, for showing us how to stand up and make things happen! Will let you know when she finds the perfect job.


Yvette writes: I said a Benevolent Prayer for my Dad for his plane trip last night from the Gold Coast to Sydney, then Sydney to Melbourne. He had a very smooth trip and got a seat with plenty of leg room and not many other customers. He said he had a great trip!

It’s always nice to say Benevolent Prayers for other people. I know they work from firsthand experience.

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Tom T. Moore is an entertainment industry CEO, author, and speaker. He is the author of THE GENTLE WAY: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe In Angels and THE GENTLE WAY II: The Story Continues  His newest book is, CONVERSATIONS WITH AN E.T.--First Contact! He publishes a weekly newsletter.  Visit his website at www.TheGentleWayBook.com

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Adventures in Publishing, Part 3

I sincerely hope that my posts about my experiences with the publishing world do not discourage anyone from writing a book, creating a video or a piece of music. I have come up with a number, of what I think, are useful rules.

Rule number one, I think, is to love your project deeply and believe that it needs to be out in the world.

Rule number two is to persist in the creation and think about what comes after the creation later.

Rule number three is to have someone or a group of people who can keep you going through the process. I remember that there were a number of occasions when I felt as if I had hit a brick wall and could not continue with Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be. Working with Linda kept me going as she kept me laughing through the process and believed so deeply in Opening the Heart that I did not feel that I could abandon it. She keeps me laughing still.

Rule number four is to have someone or some people who will read or view your project who will be honest with you about their reactions. Hopefully they will be gentle and compassionate with you about your project. It could be helpful to have at least one person who has a different point of view from yours. I had someone look at Opening the Heart when it was still a card set project. Her years in retail and setting up stores gave her an “eye” that was different from mine and Linda’s. It also helped that she had not seen Opening the Heart before and hence had not been spending hours and hours with it. She noticed something tonally that we had not because she looked at the cards as a whole rather than individually as we had been doing. Others read the text and gave us comments.

I suppose that if I contemplated things for awhile I could come up with some other rules. Of course, these are my rules and yours may be different, but I do think that these are useful rules.

I think that what you could do is bookmark these posts and review them later when it is time to take on this end of the publishing, putting your project out into the world part of the adventure.

That said: as I said in my last post, I am taking baby steps all the time to market Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be. And, I am continuing to learn about the publishing world.

The latest thing that I have learned is that, yes, bookstores will most likely order it at the trade discount that we set for the book, if they order through the distributor that Dog Ear listed it with; however, one distributor other than the one Dog Ear lists its books with what it wants it to be at a 60% trade discount. I emailed to ask if this distributor will list books on consignment and under what conditions, including my ordering books and having them sent to this distributor. Unfortunately, the answer was no, it does not do consignment deals. Ah, well….

Another distributor has a complicated system which made my brain freeze up on the initial reading. I did reply to the second distributor asking how many books I would have to warehouse with them as that seemed to be the one detail that was omitted from its information. The issue with this distributor is not my cost to order the book, but the promo fee and subsequent fees.

I am having a bit of difficulty prying information out of the copyright office about registering the photographer’s copyright along with mine on the registration form. I have emailed it again asking if I list him as an author as the answer I received did not answer my question. Hopefully I will receive the answer I need on the second try. Fortunately, a copyright is created by writing the book, and this stage is the registration of the copyright. So, I am not tense about not having registered the copyrights quite yet.

Next up on the marketing plate, so to speak, is the marketing materials, which include post cards, business cards and posters with, of course, the subsequent mailing and distribution of these items. Fortunately, as far as Dog Ear is concerned, Linda and I own the materials and can order later, revise them, or use them however we see fit.

Then there are press releases to created by Dog Ear and sent to me. That will require, of course, ferreting out media outlets to send them to.

I will also be contacting radio and TV hosts to request a guest spot on their shows.

My mental to do list includes contacting and visiting local book stores to see if they will carry the book either through ordering through the book distributor it is listed with or take the book on consignment. I stumbled on the website for an association of independent bookstores and have copied the list for bookstores in certain areas of New England to start with. I am aware that not all bookstores or stores that sell some books are members of the association, which means seeking out, over time other stores.

Let us not forget book signings and readings. The list of bookstores will come in handy here as well.

I believe that thinking outside the box is important as well. I have approached Whole Foods about having my book in the regional buying system. I do not have definitive word either way, but my book would be considered a local product and, as such, it may very well make it into the system. I talked to Dog Ear to find out how Whole Foods (or bookstores or other retailers) can order directly from Dog Ear and found out how simple it is. That is a big cheer that you are hearing here.

I think one task that I need to remember in the midst of all this is that I have other things that I do such as Angel Readings and life coaching. I still need to be present for and do my best for my clients. Those pieces of my work need to be marketed as well as the book. I would like to fold all of this together so that it becomes a synergistic whole market the book and to put it on consignment. So, the adventures in publishing continue.

Kathryn Samuelson, as an intuitive, channels your angels and guides who are delighted to connect with you, and who are uniquely suited to answer your questions and address your concerns. She can receive information as to who your angels and guides are, as well as receiving information for you about family, health, job and career, and life path among other issues and concerns. In her life coaching practice, she welcomes all clients, but specializes in helping those who are undergoing a transition in their lives—whether it is a move, a job or career change, a loss of some type, or some other transition issue. She was certified as a life coach in 2007 by the University of New Hampshire. Kathryn also leads workshops based on the set of meditation images and text contained in the book called Opening the Heart:Meditations on How to Be. She created this book with her friend, Linda Lewis. For more information: www.kathrynsamuelson.com, klsamuelsonATyahoo.com, or 781-799-7332

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

6 More Top Stress Management Tips

Stress is hurting our physical and emotional health and contributing to some of the leading causes of death in this country – U.S.A.” 2010 - American Psychological Association.

We all experience stress. Sometimes more tension with given particular situations or people. Although we have no control over what happens to us, we can choose how we act in these situations rather than reacting and feeling overwhelmed or frazzled. The more stressed we become; the more we open ourselves to physical illnesses.

See previous article Best Top 6 Stress Management Tips 

The following top stress management tips, if practiced, will increase our physical and emotional wellness.

1. Increase the Energy or Chi in Your Body
  • Rub your hands together vigorously until they feel warm.
  • Then cup them over your closed eyes for five seconds while you breathe deeply.
  • Experience the comfort and release of stress.
  • Again rub your hands together vigorously until they feel warm.
  • Then with each hand rub the a kidney in your lower back at least 30 times.
  • Experience the increase in energy and release of stress.
2. Do Self-Acupressure
  • Locate, between the eyebrows, the indentation where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead.
  • Massage this area with a forefinger for 1-2 minutes as you breathe out any stress.
  • Also find the hollow midway below each eyebrow and massage each at the same time with your forefingers for 1-2 minutes as you breathe out any stress.
  • Find the left and right occipitals at the base of your skull and massage each at the same time with your thumbs for 1-2 minutes as you breathe out any stress.
  • Reach around back and find the inside tip of the top of your left or right shoulder blade and massage it with your forefinger for 1-2 minutes.
  • Breathe deeply and apply firm, steady pressure for 1-2 minutes. Then do the other side.
3. Shake and Breathe Deeply
  • Stand or sit, stretch your arms out from your sides and shake your hands vigorously for about 10 seconds. Combine this with deep breathing. This helps loosen the muscles in our neck and upper back where many of us hold tension.
4. Walk, Run, or Do Physical Exercise
  • Any type of physical exercise assists us to breathe deeper and also improves circulation and the elimination of toxins in our bodies. When we exercise our brain produces endorphins, which create a sense of wellbeing. In addition we receive extra benefits when we walk or hike in nature.
5. Call or Talk to a Friend or Journal
  • Discussing our feelings with someone or writing them in a journal can act as a stress reliever.
6. Pet a Cat or Dog
  • Researchers have found petting an animal for just a couple of minutes helps relieve stress.
  • If you don’t owe a pet, then visit a friend who does.
  • Both the pet and the friend will help you.
Summary Stress Reduction Tips:
  • Breathe Deeply
  • Anchoring: Visualize or Imagine a Positive Calming Scene
  • Self-Hand or Foot Massage
  • Smile
  • Stretch Your Body
  • Learn to Set Personal Boundaries and Say “No”
  • Increase the Life Force or Chi in Your Body
  • Do Self-Acupressure
  • Shake and Breathe Deeply
  • Walk, Run, or Do Physical Exercise
  • Call or Talk to a Friend or Journal
  • Pet a Cat or Dog
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Michael David Lawrience is the author of Emotional Health: The Secret from Drama, Trauma, and Pain  His book provides ways for improving emotional health, easing pain and stress, healing physical and emotional abuse, and spiritual awakening.

Michael as a Residential and Self-Esteem Coach and Mentor has over 13 years experience teaching teens self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-reliance. See eBook Self Esteem- A Teen's Guide for Girls 

Michael offers Bowen Therapy in person in Sedona, Arizona for easing physical and emotional pain. See http://emotionalhealthtips.com/bowen-therapy

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